Subaru Legacy

since 1990-1998 release

Repair and operation of the car

Subaru of Legasi
+ 1.1. Identification numbers
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Heating, ventilation
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. Exhaust system
+ 7. Systems of start, ignition
+ 8. Transmissions
+ 9. Coupling, shaft
+ 10. Brake system
- 11. Suspension bracket
   11.1. Introduction
   11.2. Technical characteristics
   + 11.3. The lobby is resistant
   - 11.4. Rack of a back suspension bracket
      11.4.1. Back stabilizer of cross stability
      11.4.2. Longitudinal lever of a back suspension bracket
      11.4.3. Cross levers of a back suspension bracket
      11.4.4. Nave of a back suspension bracket
      11.4.5. Fastener of a back nave
   11.5. The air self-leveled suspension bracket
+ 12. Steering
+ 13. Body
+ 14. Electric equipment


11.4.4. Nave of a back suspension bracket


Details of a nave of a back suspension bracket

1 cap
2 sealing ring of round section
3 nut
4 washer
5 a nave with the bearing
6 fastener of a back nave


1. On models 4WD weaken a nut of fastening of a back power shaft to a nave.
2. Lift back part of the car and record on supports. Remove a back wheel.
3. On models with back brake drums remove the brake drum.
4. On models with back disk brakes remove a support and, using a soft wire, suspend it on a back rack, then remove the holder of a support and a brake disk.
Models 2WD
5. Remove a cap from the central part of a nave.
6. Unbend the fixing fillet and unscrew a nut of fastening of a nave.
7. Remove a nave together with the bearing from a fastener pin.
Models 4WD
8. Remove a back power shaft.
9. The back nave is pressed in the bearing which is fixed on the nave fastener. For removal of a back nave it is necessary to remove the fastener and on the press to vypressovat a nave from the fastener.


Installation is made in sequence, the return to removal. Tighten a nut of fastening of a nave the demanded moment that provides a necessary tightness in the bearing. Record a nut from an otvorachivaniye, having fullered a nut fillet in a nave pin groove.